Whitefish Montana Skiing
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Whitefish Montana Skiing

Whitefish Mountain Resort is a beautiful little town situated high in the mountains in Northwest Montana, in the West of USA. Whitefish Mountain Resort, Montana offers a huge variety of terrain and skiing, and is not widely known as the fabulous resort it is, meaning it is much quieter than might be expected for a resort of this size and calibre.

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Whitefish Mountain Resort (formerly known as Big Mountain Ski Resort for those of you who skied there before 2007, when it was renamed) is a resort that has it all. This ski resort has kept hold of the small ski town charm it has had since it was set up as a ski resort back in 1947. This resort has been up there as a serious resort from the beginning, with the resort hosting the U.S. Alpine Championships in 1949, just 2 years after opening.

Whitefish Mountain Resort starts down well below the treeline as most resorts do, but what makes this ski resort that bit more special, certainly compared to other ski resorts in the area. Having the option of trees to ski through as well as having the option of being able to ski above the tree line in open expanses of beautiful white snow has a number of advantages. Not only does it mix things up a bit to keep you entertained instead of just skiing similar runs every time, it also means that if the weather becomes very misty or you get caught in a snow storm, keeping to the trees improves your visibility drastically. Having said this, there are a number of dangers associated with skiing through the trees. Take a look at Tree Well Skiing to find out more about skiing through trees and what you need to watch out for.

This ski resort has a little bit of everything for everyone, with a fantastic beginner learning area with a bunny hill for kids and adults to learn on, to having steeper and more challenging ski runs for more advanced skier. The resort also has a good terrain park to test your ski jumping and park skills if you are that way inclined.

How Much Snow Does Whitefish Montana Get?

Whitefish Mountain Resort is known for its deep luscious powder snow. The resort receives on average 73 inches of snow every year, which equates to a lot of powder skiing days, and a very high rating for snow reliability throughout the year. Even if it hasn’t snowed in a few days or a week at this resort, cold temperatures keep the snow feeling super fresh, and there are plenty of spots around this large ski resort for you to be able to find the pockets of deep untouched powder when you need it. You just need to know where to look! Having said this, although the winters in Whitefish Montana are clod enough to maintain good quality snow for most of the ski season, this part of Montana has relatively mild temperatures compared to if you travel a little further North into Canada, or if you visit other ski resorts at a similar latitude in USA. The winters in Whitefish Montana can be as cold as 16°F and go all the way down to -3°F.

As Whitefish Mountain Resort receives so much snow throughout the year, this also brings with it another joy, the option to put your skis on your shoulders or on your rucksack and go for a hike! If you are feeling adventurous and want to go on a hunt for some untouched powder away from the crowds, Whitefish Mountain Resort lends itself to being able to hike away from the main ski routes.

Is Whitefish Montana Expensive?

Whitefish Montana is certainly considered to be on the pricier end for places to live in Montana, however this is not unusual for ski resorts. Whitefish is in such close proximity to a fantastic ski resort Whitefish Mountain Resort, that prices are inevitably going to be pushed up because of this. The other reason it is one of the most expensive places to live in Montana is simply because its considered to be one of the nicest places to live.

As far as prices at Whitefish Mountain Resort go, lift ticket prices are not extortionate, though they are on the pricey side as far as lift tickets go at $85 per adult for a day of skiing, however this is what you would expect to see for a resort that offers 3,000 acres of such diverse skiable terrain. There is also a very slight discount for purchasing a multi-day ticket, though this is certainly nothing to get excited about, as you will only be saving $7 per day when you buy 2 or more days at once. Compare this to skiing in Europe where, by the time you are purchasing your 12th, 13th or 14th day you may only be paying an extra €15 - €20 or so per day, and you can see why many Europeans choose the cheaper option of skiing in Europe, despite everything the USA and Canada has to offer!