Snow Summit Night Skiing
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Snow Summit Night Skiing

Snow Summit Ski Resort is a sister resort of Bear Mountain Resort located in South California. Snow Summit offers night skiing between 3pm – 8:30pm on a selection of dates throughout the winter season. Night session tickets cost $87 – $103 per day depending on the date you choose.

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If you ever get to the end of the day of skiing at around 3pm – 4pm and really wish you could just continue skiing into the night, or you just really want to try skiing at night for the thrill of it, then night skiing is just for you. On Friday evenings and Saturday evenings throughout the Winter (January through to the penultimate weekend in March according to the Snow Summit website – double check this!) Snow Summit Ski Resort is offering night skiing on a few of its beginner to intermediate ski runs. If you are reading this and are put off by the fact that it is only the ‘easier’ runs opened for the night ski sessions, don’t let this put you off, night skiing brings its own challenges, and I don’t think anyone would have a good time going down expert runs near the top of the mountain, never mind the feasibility of being able to light up the slopes near the top of the mountain.

Does Bear Mountain have night skiing?

Bear Mountain ski resort itself does not offer night skiing, though this makes sense given that the two resorts are closely connected, therefore all night-skiing traffic is directed towards Snow Summit resort after 3pm!

How far is Snow Summit from Big Bear?

Snow Summit Ski Resort is a mere 3 miles away from its sister ski resort Bear Mountain Resort and are both owned and operated by Big Bear Mountain Resorts. Snow Summit Ski Resort sits in the San Bernardino Mountains which is only a 2 hour drive from Los Angeles. It is therefore a very accessible ski resort from all over the USA and the world! 60 miles away you will also find Ontario International airport which serves as an easy access point for the ski resort.

How much are Snow Summit lift tickets?

A normal day pass for Snow Summit costs around $115 - $130. Unfortunately, the standard multi-day and single-day lift tickets do not include night ski sessions. The Snow Summit website states that night skiing can be added onto a day pass for an additional charge of $19. If you wish to add night skiing to your already purchased day ticket, the website says to visit the resort in person at a Snow Summit ticket window or visit them at the BBMR Visitors Center in the Big Bear Lake Village. In order to ski in the night sessions at Snow Summit it requires purchasing another lift ticket which costs $87 – $103 per day depending on the date you choose. It is also possible to separately purchase a night ski ticket if you are only interested in skiing at night, however this is a night skiing ticket for both Snow Valley and Snow Summit, you cannot buy an individual night skiing tikcet for either of these resorts, they come together.

In order to buy all lift tickets for the this resort, including season passes, multi day passes and single day passes, head over to the Big Bear Mountain Resort website to order them online.

It is worth noting that if you are a season ticket holder, or if you have purchased any of the following tickets you will be entitled to enjoy night skiing at Snow Summit free of charge:

  • Bear + Summit Anytime
  • Bear Mountain Only
  • Bear + Summit Midweek
  • Ikon Pass
  • Ikon Base Pass
  • Ikon Sessions 4-Day Pass

*No hassle, it is just a case of scanning your pass at the gate for the lift.

Snow Summit night skiing hours

Thankfully night skiing at Snow Summit continues immediately after the normal lift times for day skiing, meaning if you’ve got the night skiing ticket, you can just keep skiing on uninterrupted. Night skiing at Snow Summit begins at 3pm and lasts until 8:30pm. Something to bear in mind is that night skiing does not happen on every night of the week during the season. Night skiing is only available on selected days throughout the season, so make sure you do some forward planning and don’t leave yourself disappointed. See the Snow Sumit official website for the exact days of night skiing.

Snow Summit night skiing map

Not all runs at Snow Summit will be open for night skiing. Often ski resorts only open a handful of runs for night skiing, often in the same area, and it will often be in an easily accessible area like near the mid station or close to the bottom of the mountain. In Snow Summit, the runs that normally stay open for night skiing are the beginner – intermediate ski trails. There is up to 125 acres of terrain open for night skiing, on popular runs such as Upper Miracle Mile and Summit Run.

Is Big Bear free on your birthday?

As unbelievable as this sounds, yes, Snow Summit and Big Bear - both managed by Big Bear Mountain Resorts offer a free day of skiing on your birthday! Unfortunately this free ticket is only valid until 4pm and therefore does not cover night skiing. All that is required to receive your free day of skiing on your birthday is to present valid government issued ID at time of redemption. Birthday tickets are not limited and there is no reservation required in advance, so it is just a case of turning up with your ID.

Does Ikon pass work at Snow Summit?

Yes is the short answer to this question. According to the Ikon Pass website, Big Bear Mountain Resort is included among the destinations for Ikon pass. Big Bear Mountain Resort includes both Snow Summit and Bear Mountain. You will be pleased to hear that this pass also included night skiing.

Night skiing at Snow Summit is a totally unique activity and will give you a new experience of what skiing has to offer. My advice for anyone wanting to give night skiing a go is to make sure you wrap up well! As you might expect, skiing at night is a lot colder than it is during the day, so make sure you have a few extra layers!