Skiing near Boulder, CO
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Skiing near Boulder, CO

There are numerous ski resorts nearby to Boulder in Colorado. The nearest ski resort to Boulder is Eldora Ski Resort which is 21 miles away. There are a total of 8 world-class ski resorts within 2 hours driving distance of Boulder. Boulder contains an airport called Boulder Municipal Airport-BDU which is easily accessible from across America.

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Do you live near to the city of Boulder and are looking for the best place to go skiing near to the city? Maybe you are just considering this city as a destination because of its proximity to the Rocky Mountains, and this where your holiday will begin? Either way, Boulder is a fantastically lace city to begin your winter or (summer) holidays from. Sitting in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains there are so many options available to you for skiing, with more and more fantastic options opening up the further out of the city you are happy to travel.

How far from Boulder is skiing?

Although the closest skiing to Boulder is Eldora Ski Resort which is 21 miles away and a 35 minute drive, if you are happy to drive a bit further on a few different days on your holiday to visit different resorts for the sake of mixing things up a bit, the world-renowned Vail Ski Resort is less than 2 hours drive away from the city of Boulder! (1 hour 58 minutes to be exact) If you find yourself situated in Boulder during the winter and don’t mind a bit of driving, I would highly recommend this journey to experience some of the best champagne powder snow the US has to offer.

Eldora is a fantastic little ski resort which offers both alpine skiing and nordic (cross-country) skiing in the Winter. Although there is no denying this resort is not huge and can probably be skied thoroughly within a couple of days, it does have a lot to offer with its wide variety of double-black diamond ski runs on offer for the expert skiers out there. Eldora is touted as one of the best places to learn how to ski for a number of different reasons including the slightly cheaper lift tickets on offer compared to other competing ski resorts in the same area of the Rocky Mountains. It also has a designated area at the base of the mountain for beginners with easy blue and green slopes to help you learn on.

As I have mentioned above, Eldora also has its fair share of steeper and more challenging terrain. With 12 double-black diamond slopes on offer, some of them pisted and some of them through glades with lovely unpisted snow to play with.

Other ski resorts within easy travelling distance to Boulder CO are Loveland Ski Area which is 1 hour 18 minutes from the centre of Boulder by car, Copper Mountain which is 1 hour 38 minutes from Boulder and the famous Breckenridge Ski Resort which is slightly further away at 1 hour 53 minutes, but well worth those extra few minutes if you have a bit of extra cash to spend and are looking for some top quality skiing.

How far is Breckenridge from Boulder?

Breckenridge Ski Resort is 91 miles drive from Boulder. If you think this seems a long way to travel each day to ski, you are probably right, however this is easily doable for a one-off day trip to visit Breckenridge, which is one of Colorado’s most popular ski resort destinations. Breckenridge lives up to its illustrious title with a huge 2,300 acres of skiable terrain, which isnt far off the skiable terrain of Vail – a world renowned ski resort. When a resort is only a few hundred acres smaller in size than the likes of Vail, you know it will have something to offer.

Breckenridge offers world-class skiable terrain, even boasting the highest lift in North America – the Imperial Express. The downside to this ski resort given its prestige is the price of skiing and staying here. If prices here are too expensive for a full holiday it is still worth coming here to visit for a day or two. You won't manage to ski the entire resort in that time, but you will certainly get a good feel for the mountain without having to pay sky high prices to stay in the town. A number of different options to lower the cost of your holiday accommodation would be to stay in the nearby ski resorts of Copper Mountain or Keystone which are only 30 minutes and 40 minutes away from Breckenridge and are more affordable places to rent accommodation. It's always worth having a look around at different options if you are lucky enough to have a car with you at the ski resort, as paying for accommodation takes up a huge proportion of a ski holiday, and can save you a lot of money if you don’t mind driving a little.