Red River New Mexico Skiing
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Red River New Mexico Skiing

Skiing in Red River, New Mexico costs $90 per day for an adult & $84 for a teenager. This is a relatively small resort compared to resorts in the likes of Vail or Keystone resorts. Red River offers 20km of pisted runs, with a max altitude of 3135m.

Red River, New Mexico is one of a handful of ski resorts in New Mexico. This ski resort was constructed 60 years ago and has been a family run business ever since. New Mexico isn't exactly the first place you think of when you want to go skiing, however it does offer a few different options for skiing, in resorts at quite a high altitude. Although the resorts in New Mexico aren't massive and don’t offer a huge snowfall each season, as a beginner there is more than enough here to keep you and your family entertained for a week. As beginners you will spend so much time trying to work out how to ski and keep your balance, that you really don’t need kilometres and kilometres worth of ski runs. As a more experienced skier, this resort may not be the best option for you, as although there are enough runs and enough snowfall to keep you entertained for a few days of skiing or snowboarding, if you have skied many times before or you would called yourself an intermediate, you may find yourself getting bored after a while.

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How much does it cost to ski in Red River?

Red River resort is the most expensive resort to ski or snowboard at in New Mexico. At $90 per day for an adult, it's not cheap given the size of the resort. A lift ticket for teenagers is slightly cheaper than that of an adult at $84 per day, and a lift ticket for a child under the age of 13 is marginally cheaper again at $74. The resort does not offer a multi-day discount for lift tickets either which is slightly disappointing given the price of a single day lift ticket. If you compare the price of this lift ticket with that of much larger resorts which offer up to 10x the skiable terrain, you will find that the larger resorts don’t actually charge that much extra for all of the extra skiing you can do, and all the extra facilities on offer. For some of the largest ski resorts in North America, you are looking a price of $100 - $120 USD, and these larger resorts will also offer multi-day discounts.

Is Red River good for beginners?

Red River has a good variety of green & blue ski runs, however if conditions arent good and the snow becomes a little icy, naturally the slopes become more difficult to ski and you might have a hard time getting down the mountain if you are beginner. As with any ski resort, its best to spend the first few days of skiing on the learning slopes before taking the lift up to the top where it gets a bit more difficult. Once you do fancy taking a trip to the top of the mountain to see the spectacular views and challenge yourself, there is a long winding green run all the way to the bottom for beginners to enjoy.

It is also possible to go over to the other side of the mountain (by going up to the very top and skiing down the other side) where you will find a few more green runs to practise on for a bit of variation.

Is Red River good for kids?

Due to the number of green runs in this resort there is plenty of skiing for beginner skiers and children who do not have much experience skiing. If you fancy taking a bit of a break from skiing, you could try your hand at tubing for an hour, which is a fun activity for the children to get involved in! The resort also offers ski school if you feel you could do with some lessons either to learn how to ski in the first place or simply to refresh your skills and confidence!

Ski rental at Red River

If you don’t own your own skis or snowboard, don’t worry, Red River offers reliable equipment hire at the resort for as little as $30 per day for adults and $24 per day for kids. If you are a bit more of an experienced skier, and want some better quality skis to match that, it may be worth paying a little extra to rent higher quality skis for $32 per day.