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Alpine Valley Skiing

Alpine Valley Wisconsin is a ski resort located around 40 minutes by car Southwest of Milwaukee. Alpine Valley Resort is an all-season resort offering a variety of activities during the summer, however it is primarily a winter resort, for skiing and snowboarding during the long winter months when the mountains are covered in highly coveted snow.

Alpine Valley Resort offers a good mix of skiing terrain for all abilities. The difficulty level of the pistes in Alpine Valley Resort are well balanced between green, blue and black runs, meaning no matter what skiing ability you are, there will be something at this resort to suit you. Generally speaking the ski runs at Alpine Valley Resort are equally divided up between green, blue and black pistes (to those of you who are unfamiliar with the grading system for difficulty in skiing, this translates as easy, intermediate and advanced difficulty level). If you are planning a ski holiday for your family, this balance of different difficulties of pistes across the resort is ideal if your family is not all at the same standard of skiing. For example if your children have never skied before, though you and your partner are experienced skiers, this sort of resort would suit you perfectly for a long weekend skiing!

If you are contemplating visiting Alpine Valley Resort as an experienced skier, a word of warning is that it is not the largest of resorts. Alpine Valley Resort has a total of 90 acres of skiable terrain, which means you shouldn’t expect this resort to entertain an experienced skier for any longer than a couple of days. If you are skiing blues and black ski runs comfortably, your enjoyment of this resort is likely to wane after a few days simply due to the lack of skiing available – unless you are very easily amused. While I would be the last person in the world to get bored of skiing (I am always that sado who gets up for first lifts every morning on holiday and wont hang up my boots at the end of the day until the lifts are closed and I am told to leave, or physically removed from the mountain) if the resort is just not large enough and there isn't enough variation, it is possible to get bored of skiing down the same run time and time again. If you enjoy spending time in terrain parks with ski jumps and boxes to keep you entertained, you will be happy to hear that Alpine Valley Resort has 3 terrain parks, which may go some way to make up for the general small size of the resort.

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gondola snow tree tops

When Does Alpine Valley Open for Skiing?

Alpine Valley Resort is open from 9am on Saturdays and Sundays, and 10am during the week. On the days on which night skiing is offered (Friday and Saturday nights ONLY) the resort stays open to 10pm! Yes, Alpine Valley Resort offers night skiing from3:30pm when the resort would normally close all the way until the bitterly late time of 10pm! There are a number of different tickets you can buy for night skiing, one which begins at 3:30pm, or else one that begins at 6pm which is a bit more affordable and lets you get in a little bit of skiing after work if you fancy it and you are lucky enough to live and work that close to a ski resort.

How much does it cost to ski at Alpine Valley?

Alpine Valley lift tickets cost $58 for a full-day ski pass. This is much cheaper than some of the largest ski resorts across the US, and cheaper than a lot of other resorts which aren't actually too much larger than Alpine Valley Resort is, therefore this price for a full day of skiing in the US is not bad. If you are a beginner skier, Alpine Valley Resort has more than enough terrain and ski runs to keep you occupied even for a full week. Realistically you will likely spend a lot of your time in the first week of learning how to ski on the very beginner slopes and if you are good enough will progress to a few easy blue runs by the end of your first week of skiing. For this reason, it is recommended to find a resort which may have cheaper tickets due to the small size of the resort, if you are looking to save money, as within the first week of skiing it is unlikely you will get the chance to experience the whole resort anyway.

Does Alpine Valley Have Snow Tubing?

Alpine Valley Resort does indeed offer snow tubing, but like night skiing at the ski resort, this is not offered every day. Snow tubing is available only on Friday, Saturday and Sundays, and is closed for the rest of the week. Snowtubing costs $25 for a 3-hour session or $59 for a full day session. If you are unfamiliar with what snowtubing is, it involves sitting on a large rubber ring (not dissimilar to what you might find at a water park for going down the slides – though much thicker and tougher) and sliding down the hill. Unless you are very easily amused, I would not recommend forking out the extra $34 for a full-day pass as opposed to the 3-hour pass, as it is unlikely you or your kids will stay amused to make the most of this for the full day.

How tall is Alpine Valley Mountain?

The summit of the Alpine Valley Resort mountain sits at an elevation of 1040ft. This is not huge for a ski resort, but as mentioned above, more than enough if you are a beginner skier. The base elevation of Alpine Valley Resort is 820ft which gives you an elevation of 220ft to ski. Alpine Valley Resort has artificial snow makers covering the full skiable area of the resort, so even if it goes through a period of poor snowfall, provided it is cold enough, there will be enough snow to keep you going. An elevation of 820ft for the base of the mountain is not huge relatively speaking in comparison to other ski resorts I have visited, therefore it is worth double checking both the temperature and the weather before you visit to make sure the conditions are good enough to ski in!