Gifts for Skiers
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Featured: Best Gifts for Skiers

Gifts for Skiers

Skiing is an expensive hobby and has a lot of expensive equipment, however there are also plenty of cheaper, more affordable gifts for skiers available. Here is a list of our best idea's for gifts for skiers.

Hand Warmers

A cheap but extremely useful gift (or event just a stocking filler) for skiers are hand warmers. Whether you tuck disposable ones inside your gloves, or you clutch your more high-tech choice of a USB hand warmer, they can provide much needed respite from the cold in your most dire times. Hand warmers are extremely versatile and can be used for just about any outdoor activity which may involve harsher weather.

Disposable Hand Warmers $10-$50 disposable hand warmers

Old school and effective - can be used for much more than just skiing and are extremely portable. Simply remove the plastic sleeve and a chemical reaction with the air will cause these little packs to omit heat for a full ski day.

USB Hand Warmers $25 usb hand warmer

More high-tech but definitely bulkier, these usb hand warmers have 3 heating settings and can be switched off to maintain battery! With 20 hours of charge, these could likely keep your hands warm for an entire trip on one charge (depending how cold it is)!

Soft Water Bottle

These flexible plastic water bottles are ideal for stuffing in your pocket to carry around skiing with you all day. They are made from a malleable plastic which will fit easily into any pocket, and have a suction type lid which means you can get yourself a drink just by sucking on the bottle instead of messing around trying to unscrew a water bottle, and you can keep your hands nice and warm inside your gloves. Keeping this water in your pocket means you can save a bit of money in the mountain restaurants by carrying your own drink.

Platypus Soft Bottle $13 platypus soft bottle

Shot Glasses

Pick yourself up some trendy ski themed shot glasses for you and your friends to warm up the insides after a long day of skiing or even as a little pitt stop midway through the day!

Mountain Shot Glasses $21 mountain shot glasses

Hip Flask

If you are buying shot glasses for a little treat up the mountains, you are going to need something to carry your spirit or liquor in! Buy yourself a hip flask to slot neatly into your ski coat pocket, so you can give your insides a quick warm-up on top of the mou ntain when the gales are blowing and its snowing sideways.

Mountain Hip Flask $30 hip flask mountain


Treat your girlfriend or boyfriend to some winter and ski-themed jewelry. This is perfect for a stocking filler or a birthday gift. Get some bling for the slopes.

Silver Mountain Necklace $45 mountain necklace


If you have a friends or family who are skiing enthusiasts, a GoPro is a fantastic option for a Christmas or birthday gift for them. A GoPro will allow them to capture all of their unforgettable moments in HD. Capturing your ski holiday second by second to keep with you for the rest of your life and to share with everyone back home has never been easier or captured in higher quality. For a skier it is the best value to get the bundle, as this will provide all the relevant bells and whistles such as chest and helmet mounts. Mounting and fixing the camera's field of view is often the trickiest of part skiing with a gopro! Otherwise, I found the chest mount to be the most important accessory, even over a helmet mount.

GoPro Bundle $420 gopro-hero12


GoPro Hero12 $349 gopro-hero12
GoPro Chest Mount $13 gopro chest mount

Boot cover

Do you find yourself getting extremely cold feet and toes while you are skiing? You are not alone. In the depths of winter when it gets down to -10°C or lower, you might find yourself getting cold in your extremities. THis is where boot covers will come in useful. These will not only provide another thick layer of insulation to your ski boots, but also act as a wind breaker for your boots, taking away some of the wind chill while you are skiing.

Boot Covers For Warmth $40 ski boot covers


A bad helmet can ruin a week of skiing if it causes you persistent pain; I know! If you are due a helmet upgrade, or are ready to graduate from hiring your own, a POC helmet will surely be a massive upgrade, and will even save you money at the rental checkout.

POC Ski Helmet $200 poc ski helmet