Chelsea Handler skiing
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Chelsea Handler skiing

Chelsea Handler is an American actress, presenter & comedian among many other roles. Chelsea Handler is an avid skier who decided to bring in her 45th birthday last year and her 46th birthday this year in 2021 in style, by skiing down a mountain in Whistler, British Colombia, Canada almost completely naked!

Chelsea Handler skiing video

Although Chelsea Handler is not necessarily known for her skiing abilities, and has made her name famous through almost every avenue on tv you could think of, she certainly looked at ease and well versed at skiing. There was certainly no way to fault her skiing technique as she skied down the snowy slopes of Whistler, BC in Canada to celebrate her 46th birthday. What made this skiing more impressive is the fact that she did this completely naked apart from having her pants on! The cool, calm and collected look about her certainly suggested skiing naked down a mountain in mid-winter, in a temperature that could not have been more than 1°C, wasn’t all that cold or uncomfortable. Speaking from experience I can tell you first-hand how cold she must have been completely naked with the cold mountain air streaming past her body, even if it didn’t show at all! Chelsea Handler skied the slopes of Whistler with near impeccable skiing technique, proudly displaying both the USA and Canadian flags strapped to her helmet, as she celebrated her 46th birthday in style. Chelsea Handler appears to be turning this into something of a tradition, with this being the second year in a row that she has decided to turn up to the ski slopes almost completely naked.

Chelsea Handler, who appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show recently to discuss what she has been up to recently, and how she has been spending her time during the pandemic, spoke about how she had basically been spending all of her time recently improving her skiing. Chelsea Handler revealed she had basically spent the entire Winter working on her skiing technique in Whistler (alright for some) and revealed how much she had been enjoying improving her hobbies at such a late stage in life! She went on to encourage everyone everywhere not to be afraid of taking the time, no matter what age you are, to work on what you love, and that she is the evidence that it's never too late to improve your skills! She rather proudly revealed that with learning or improving a skill or hobby like skiing, comes with plenty of falls, of which she has had many apparently.

Unfortunately, not all of us have thousands of dollars (and I mean thousands and thousands of dollars!) lying around, to be able to spend an entire Winter in Whistler, BC without working, never mind having the time to do that! Chelsea Handler was also quizzed on her naked ski down the mountain, to which she revealed it was all in the name of a funny, fun, exciting day out to express herself and enjoy her birthday!

Chelsea Handler has recently spoken about her skiing accident where she picked up a number of different injuries. On the topic of her discussing how many times she had fallen in her bid to become better at skiing, she revealed she had recently had a rather more serious ski accident in which she has torn a meniscus (a vital part of your knee which connects your skin to your thigh – tearing this is not good news for skiers or anyone who enjoys any sorts of sports involving your legs), and broken 1 possibly even 2 toes! She revealed all of this happened when she accidently skie into a tree while skiing with ski patrol (ironic, I know) and found herself slumped in a tree well (link to tree well skiing article).

Much to Chelsea’s distress, the ski patrol person she was skiing with at the time opted to take a phone call instead of helping her and attending to her accident and injuries. I wonder does this say something about how often she must have fallen down! The videos and picture of Chelsea Handler skiing during the long periods of time which she has spent in Whistler, Canada this season show her spending a lot of time skiing off-piste among the trees and powder snow. I must say she is a lady of great taste for enjoying this type of skiing over skiing on-piste, though it is definitely a more difficult type of skiing, which may explain the countless photographs of her in the snow instead of on her skis! When skiing off-piste there are a number of things to wary of, as it is certainly a riskier and more dangerous type of skiing than staying on the piste. Read more about Powder skiing here (link to Powder skiing article). If you do decide to venture off-piste to try out some powder skiing, make sure you take lessons and be fully aware of where it is safe to ski and what the risks are. Many people die every year from triggered avalanches and other dangers that skiing entails.