Adam Driver Skiing
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Adam Driver Skiing

Adam Driver, best known for his starring role as Kylo Ren in the Star Wars franchise, has been learning new skills on the ski slopes, as he prepares himself for his new role in Ridley Scott’s new movie House of Gucci. There have been reports of Adam Driver skiing in the Italian Alps.

Italian Dolomites.jpg

Adam Driver has become much more of a household name and a recognisable face across the world after his prominent featuring in the most recent series of Star Wars movies where he portrays the character of Kylo Ren.

In Adam Driver’s most recent involvement in highly anticipated movies, Adam Driver swaps his lightsabre and knowledge of the force, for his part in acting out the biographical crime film of House of Cards, depicting a murder plot by Reggiani on her ex-husband in search of his vast fortune.

It appears there is at least a small part of this movie about a high-flying business man, which involves the business man taking to the ski slopes in the luxurious mountains to enjoy a bit of skiing, as you might expect from such a wealthy and successful business man in the 1980’s and the 1990’s when skiing was seen as such a high-end luxury only few could afford. While this is still the case to some extent, of skiing being an expensive and luxury hobby, it has become a lot more accessible to people, and is enjoyed by millions around the world every year. Adam Driver can be seen dressed up in his all-white ski attire on the ski slopes of Italy. It is not clear exactly where Adam Driver was filmed skiing, or which ski resort is being used as the filming location for part of this highly anticipated film depicting real-life events, but it is clear there is plenty of snow, and Adam Driver can very clearly be seen snow ploughing his way down the slopes, doing his utmost to stay upright.

Another thing of note are the skis Adam Driver is skiing on. To any keen-eyed skier, these skis certainly are the not the latest edition of skis produced by Salomon or Head, fresh out of production from the factory. The skis Adam Driver has on in the pictures captured of him snow ploughing down the slopes look like they were probably made many decades ago! This might not be all that surprising given that the film is based on events which happened in the 80’s and 90’s, but would certainly go some way to explain why Adam Driver does not look too comfortable on the skis, and looks as if he may fall at any moment!

Adam Driver topped off his glamorous all-white skiing jacket and pants with some large rimmed business-like glasses just to add to the image. Although Lady Gaga, who is known to be starring in this movie in the works, was not seen with Adam Driver on the slopes, however will be taking on a lead role in the movie as Patrizia Reggiani, the ex-wife of Maurizio Gucci. Whether we will get to see Lady Gaga on skis in this movie or not is yet to be discovered.

Adam Driver Skiing Fall

As everybody does at some stage when they are skiing, Adam Driver did take a bit of a tumble while he was skiing in Italy, and it was caught on camera. Not a big fall, nor did he injure himself, but it was a tumble nonetheless (realistically when you are skiing you will likely fall many times per day – but don’t worry, when you are learning to ski, you will be skiing so slowly that falling shouldn't hurt unless you fall in a very awkward position). It's mostly when you are skiing fast and on dangerous ski slopes that big injuries start to happen.

Depending on what photos you look at, you would be forgiven that Adam Driver looks fairly experienced and competent on skis, however in certain photos he certainly appears to be in his first week of skiing lessons. This is also backed up by the photos of him lying sprawled on the snow after what we can only guess was a fall.

Maurizio Gucci

Maurizio Gucci who is played by Adam Driver in House of Gucci, currently in production, was a successful businessman who was once head of the Gucci fashion business. With this responsibility brought him great wealth, and a jealous ex-wife. Maurizio Gucci was shot on his door-step by a hitman hired by his ex-wife, in order to ensure this extravagant fortune would be passed onto their two daughters and nobody else, after the couple separated. The hitman was found and prosecuted, as was Patrizia Reggiani, his former partner. Patrizia Reggiani was put in prison for 18 years and was released only in October 2016.