What is ski in ski out?
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What is ski in ski out?

Ski in ski out is a popular form of accommodation in ski resorts. They are found at the bottom of a ski route or close enough to allow you to ski directly from your apartment to the lift. This accommodation prioritises accessibility to the ski lifts and ski slopes, rather than being based in the centre of the town.

In short, ski in ski out is to do with how accessible ski resort accommodation is to the ski slopes themselves. If a ski resort advertises itself as ski in ski out, this generally implies that you will literally be able to ski in and out of your accommodation directly from/ onto the slopes. Ski in ski out can be quite a loosely used term, as one person’s definition of skiing straight from your apartment may not be the next person’s definition. For this reason, if you see this selling point advertised, it is always worth double checking the exact location of the accommodation in relation to the ski slopes, and if there is a bit of a walk, is it a walk you are prepared to do each day!

Ski in ski out is generally acknowledged as the easiest way of doing a skiing holiday. Ski in ski out prioritises convenience and location instead of space or privacy. The convenience of living right beside the ski lifts means you can avoid the hassle of arranging transport to and from the ski resort. If you opt for accommodation which is not ski in ski out, you may need to rent a car to drive from your apartment or hotel to reach the lifts each morning, and then travel back the same way once you have finished skiing. An alternative option is using the buys service which is often provided by the ski resort at a small price. Often ski resorts arrange ski buses between popular accommodation spots and the ski lifts. Not only will ski in ski out accommodation save you the hassle of organising all of this in the morning, but it means that you will be skiing on the mountain earlier and be able to make the most of the fresh tracks as soon as the lifts open.

Ski in ski out encompasses a wide range of accommodation and does not just refer to one means of accommodation, as it primarily relates to the location of the accommodation rather than where exactly you are staying. Ski in ski out may refer to hotels, lodges, apartments, chalets or condos.

What does ski in ski out mean?

Ski in ski out means accommodation where you can ski directly between your accommodation and the ski lifts or the ski slopes. Ski in ski out can be quite a loosely used term, as one person’s definition of ’skiing straight from your apartment’ may not be the next person’s definition. For this reason, if you see this selling point advertised, it is always worth double checking the exact location of the accommodation in relation to the ski slopes, and if there is a bit of a walk, is it a distance you are prepared to do each day!?

Advantages of ski in ski out

Some of the major advantages of ski in ski out accommodation are listed below:

Convenience – Being so close to the ski slopes make getting onto your skis and to the top of the mountain so much easier. Its takes one step of the process of getting up to the top of the mountain away, that being the transport to the ski lifts! It avoids the hassle of organising transport and having to awkwardly carry your skis or snowboard long distances. This is especially applicable if you have young children or you are elderly.

Time saving – Staying immediately next to the ski slopes will save you time due to not having to wait for shuttle buses or having to walk large distances to reach the bus or the lifts. This will give you more time skiing and less time travelling.

Flexibility – Having your accommodation at the foot of the mountain gives you the option of returning to your accommodation during the day if you like. A full day of skiing on the mountain can be very tiring for some, especially if you have a young family and are looking after kids all day. You can then head back out on the slopes after some much-needed rest at your apartment. This will also save you money on lunch if you time your break well. Buying lunch on the slopes every day can really add up especially if you are paying for your whole family. Returning to your apartment or hotel for lunch means you can avoid spending money on a restaurant every day.

Apres ski – living at the bottom of the lifts will more than likely mean you are close to the centre of the action and there will be plenty of bars and cafes nearby. Going for a drink after a day of skiing is commonly known as apres-ski and for some people this is as important as the day skiing! Apres ski generally starts anytime from 2pm onwards and will last right into the evening. Living close to the apres ski will let you immerse yourself in the culture of skiing.

Ski school convenience – staying close to the ski school will make it easier to get your kids along to ski school early in the morning, as well as picking them up and getting them home once it is over.

Incredible views – living in ski in ski out accommodation will give you beautiful views of the ski slopes and mountains. If you like people-watching then this is the perfect setting for sitting on your balcony and watching skiers ski past. The views from ski in ski out accommodation will be much better than if you are in a n apartment or a hotel in the centre of town where views may be blocked.

Better skiing conditions – Get a head start skiing in the mornings on fresh powder or on groomed trails. Being right next to the slopes means you get first racks in the morning if you can get up early enough! There are few better feelings that skiing through untouched powder the morning after it has fallen. This could be you with ski in ski out accommodation.

Cost savings – While ski in ski out accommodation can be more expensive in itself, due to being so close to the slopes you will find that you save yourself money in transport, whether that wbe taking buses or hiring a car, and you will save yourself money in ski storage each day if you prefer to leave your skis locked up at the resort instead of taking them home with you on the bus. Instead, you can take them home with you.

Ski storage – Being able to store your skis in your apartment or hotel or condo near to the slopes is a massive convenience and will make you life a lot easier rather than having to carry your skis great distances to and from the bus while wearing ski boots, or packing your skis into your car. Add children into the equation, and transporting ski equipment to and from the slopes and your accommodation becomes difficult.

Easy access to the ski slopes making this very easy each day, especially with children, as the last thing you want to be doing is lugging all your ski equipment halfway across the village every morning while trying to ensure your kids haven’t run off to build a snowman somewhere along the way.

Advantages to living in the village, not ski in ski out accommodation

Although the advantage of ski in ski out accommodation is very clear and attractive, there are also advantages to accommodation closer to, or in the village itself. Although these two attributes aren’t mutually exclusive, it is often the case of choosing one or the other. I often opt to rent an apartment in the village, as this bring conveniences of itself such as close proximity to restaurants, bars, and general shopping. You will probably find that ski in ski out accommodation is a bit pricier than elsewhere due to its convenience.

Things to consider when choosing ski in ski out accommodation

Budget – ski in ski out accommodation can be a bit pricier than other accommodation because of its convenience, therefore shop around to find the best deal for you and that meets your needs.

Location – while ski in ski out should mean you can ski from your door, just make sure you are getting exactly what you want because different people may have different understandings of what ski in ski out actually means, and you may find you are not quite as close to the lifts or the slopes has you had bene led to believe. Do your research of the area before booking anywhere.

Amenities – different types of accommodation will offer different amenities and add ons such as spa access, gyms or ski rental on-site. Do extensive research beforehand to make sure you get everything you need, and if your hotel or apartments don’t offer what you need, is there somewhere nearby that will provide it?

Book in advance – Ski in ski out is the most popular accommodation on a ski resort, therefore all the best options will disappear early. Book early to get your first choice.