Snow Tubing
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Snow Tubing

Snow tubing involves sitting in a large inflatable rubber ring with your arms and legs sprawled out over the top of the ring so you are effectively lying in in it face up. Snow tubing can take place anywhere there is snow. Snow tubing can be done at indoor ski slopes or at the foot of the mountain at many different ski resorts.

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Often aimed at young children or families, snow tubing is a great way to introduce young children to the snow and to sliding down the mountain at speed, if you plan to introduce them to the world of skiing at a later stage. Not only will snow tubing give them a taste of what the snow is like, but it will also let you know if they enjoy (rather how much they enjoy) the feeling of sliding down a hill!

Almost every single ski resort I have ever skied at in my life has had a snow tubing area at the bottom of the mountain, often right beside the beginner’s slope which is also known colloquially as the bunny slope. This entire area at the bottom of the slope is where you will find yourself spending most of your time as a beginner skier, and it is often in the most accessible and easily found part of the mountain.

Is Snow Tubing Scary?

Snow tubing is not scary provided you stick to the slopes you are meant to and don’t go wondering off to a super steep slope which you don’t have a chance of surviving snow tubing. You should never go snow tubing outside of the designated area and never go snow tubing on a ski slope, as this could potentially be very dangerous for both you and skiers. Not only do you not have any way of easily breaking while snow tubing, but there is a good chance that the ski slope will be too steep for the snow tubing and you will completely lose control.

If you have ever been down a slide in a playpark or even been down a slide in a waterpark, this is almost exactly like what snow tubing feels like. And you will likely go at roughly the same speed, except you will be on the snow so it will be far more fun and enjoyable, and you will even be able to race each other down the slopes as depending on the resort, sometimes there isn't a limit on how many people can go snow tubing at once!

Do I Need Goggles for Snow Tubing?

For snow tubing you need to make sure you dress up warmly and wear some sort of eye protection such as goggles or sun glasses as you would do if you were skiing, you may even need to dress more warmly than you would do if you were skiing. Skiing involves a lot of movement and the use of many different muscles to turn and keep your balance. Snow tubing on the other hand involves very little movement apart from when you are clambering back up to the top of the slope with your rubber ring, to do it all over again, though there may even be a button lift for you to use to save you from this hassle. Because of this limited hassle and limited movement compared to skiing you and especially younger children could find yourselves getting cold quite quickly unless you wrap up well enough. I would recommend wearing a hat, gloves, one or two thermal layers, depending on how cold it is, and of course your ski coat as well.

Do You Need Helmets for Snow Tubing?

A helmet is always recommended when snow tubing. If you were to fall out of the rubber ring and hit your head on the snow (which is possible and does happen) you will hurt yourself quite badly, therefore it is always a good idea to use a helmet when snow tubing even though you won't be going as fast as you do when skiing.

How Fast do You Go Snow Tubing?

On average the speed of snow tubing varies anywhere between 14-25mph. The average speed of snow tubing is 20mph. The speed you travel at when snow tubing depends a lot on how steep the slope is. Although most snow tubing areas in resorts will be roughly the same steepness, and will always be found nearby to the bunny hills, you may find yourself going a little faster than you expect if it is a larger decline.

Where is the Best Snow Tubing?

Snow tubing is an activity for the whole family that is offered at almost all ski resorts around the world, certainly ski resorts that are of a large enough size. There are a few resorts around the world that stand out for having exceptional and well known snow tubing facilities, so of which I have listed below, with the snow tubing at Camelback Mountain Resort being the largest snow tubing facilities on offer in the entire world!!

  • Camelback Mountain Resort – Tannersville, PA
  • Cataloochee Ski Area – Maggie Valley, NC
  • The Omni Homestead Resort – Hot Springs, VA
  • Keystone Resort – Keystone, CO
  • Mount Washington Valley, NH