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Molly Bloom Skiing

Molly Bloom rose to fame in 2011, when she was arrested for running a high-stakes, and high profile, underground poker ring which involved various A-list celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. This was all done, obviously very illegally, under the façade of a catering company which Molly Bloom founded in order to host the lucrative poker games. This all came crumbling down when fraudulent hedge fund manager Bradley Ruderman blew his clients’ money on a game of poker. This indirectly caused Molly Bloom’s operations to become highlighted to the authorities as they traced the lost money back to Molly Bloom, this resulted in a high profile bust by the FBI. Molly Bloom rose to the public spotlight and once again, even more so, in 2017 when the movie “Molly’s Game” was released.

Was Molly Bloom a Skier?


Molly was born into a family of avid skiers – Molly’s mother was a ski instructor and her brother Jeremy was the youngest ever male freestyler to join the US Ski Team, as well as being ranked number 1 in freestyle and mogul freestyle. As the movie portrays Molly also tried her hand at skiing was pretty good at it! Unfortunately, Molly picked up an injury and had to stop her skiing endeavours despite, like her brother, being on the US ski team. A quick look at Molly’s competitive record shows her competitive performance:

Molly Bloom Ski Record.jpg

Molly’s choice of slope was the mogul freestyle – a mogul piste is a ski slope consisting of many large mounds in the middle of the piste. Add the “freestyle” aspect of mogul freestyling to this, and competitors will essentially navigate down the mogul slope with expert speed, manoeuvrability and also some flips, loops, rotations (helicopters/360,720) and jumps. If you think this sounds like an extreme sport, then you are correct, see below the home video compilation of Molly Bloom skiing mogul freestyle pistes. Molly skied competitively, seemingly all her life, until her injury during an Olympic qualifying run, and so the simple answer to whether Molly Bloom spent time skiing, is a resounding yes!

Checkout the video clips of Molly skiing here!